Work with top mindfulness expert Rhonda V. Magee!

Rhonda practices and teaches from a perspective she calls

“Humanity Consciousness.”

Humanity Consciousness has four core aspects:

(1) a viewing aspect, a commitment to seeing both the one-ness of all humankind and the genuine dignity or sacral nature of every human being;

(2) a feeling aspect, a commitment to open-hearted vulnerability in reckoning with all assaults on genuine, universal dignity;

(3) an ethical aspect, a commitment to making and defending ethical judgments as necessary to challenge violations of human dignity; and

(4) a pragmatic compassionism aspect, a commitment to taking actions not only to alleviate harm and bring about transformative justice, but also, to support universal human uplift and personal transformation.”

“I’ve lived many different lives, and have known people of great heart and value in every community. Based on my experiences and the research I’ve studied, I bring a genuine sense of hope to all of my engagements. I support those creating spaces of possibility, places where we may love ourselves and others rightly. Together, we can make a world that works for everyone.”