The Inner Work of Racial Justice: Healing Ourselves and Transforming Our Communities Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness can help us with a lot of the really subtle difficulties of doing the work that must be done to dismantle patterns and habits that draw us to reinvest in segregation.


Rhonda speaks throughout the world about mindfulness and how it relates to:

Social Justice


Transformational & Ethical Leadership

ColorInsight: Race & Racism



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More Books About Mindfulness, Law, Race, and Social Justice

Rhonda V. Magee is a mindfulness author. Read chapters of her writings in these books about mindfulness:

“Community-Engaged Mindfulness and Social Justice: An Inquiry and Call to Action,” in HANDBOOK OF MINDFULNESS: CULTURE, CONTEXT AND SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT, Ron Purser (ed.) (Springer, 2016).

“Teaching Law to Transform: Mindfulness-Based Learning Communities as Incubators of Social Justice through Law,” in TRANSFORMING JUSTICE, Marjorie Silver (ed.) (Carolina Press, forthcoming 2017).

“Teaching Mindfulness With Mindfulness of Diversity,” in RESOURCES FOR TEACHING MINDFULNESS: AN INTERNATIONAL HANDBOOK, Donald McCown and Diane Riebel (eds.) (Springer, 2016).

“Taking and Making Refuge in Racial [Whiteness] Awareness and Racial Justice Work,” in BUDDHISM AND WHITENESS: CRITICAL REFLECTIONS, George Yancy and Emily McRae (ed.) (Lexington Books, 2019).

“Teaching Newly Essential Knowledge, Skills and Values in a Changing World: Intercultural Effectiveness,” (co-authored with Mary A. Lynch, Robin Boyle & Antoinette Sedillo Lopez) Chapter 6 in BUILDING ON BEST PRACTICES: TRANSFORMING LEGAL EDUCATION FOR A CHANGING WORLD (Matthew Bender & Company, 2015).

“Mindfulness and the Renewal of Legal Education,” NEW DIRECTIONS FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING: CONTEMPLATIVE STUDIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION, no. 134, (Jossey Bass, 2013), 31.

“Contemplative Practice in Law: An Overview,” in Mirabai Bush (ed.) Contemplation Nation: How Ancient Practices are Changing the Way We Live (Fetzer 2011).


"5 Questions: Rhonda Magee," The Highlands Current (Newspaper):

"The Art of Law: The Rise of Mindfulness for Busy Lawyers," The College of Law (Australia)

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